We hold on to our simulated values with gripping teeth and shut eyes. The abyss is eternally in front of us. The only way forward is through that abyss, trough the void, through Nothing. Here we must remind ourselves of Nietzsche’s two definitions of nihilism: active nihilism and passive nihilism. The passive nihilist, with his eyes shut, stands in front of the void, believing in nothing, doing everything possible to remain in his cynical distance, rejecting the void. He grabs onto everything he can, recycling the residues of other’s doings/voidings from times long gone. The active nihilist on the other hand, stands in front of the void with eyes wide open, believing in Nothing; doing everything possible to drive closer to the void, courageously voiding towards the Nothing. The void always recedes… but what is formed in this event is the unfathomed New.

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