Supernatural Rape


Then God said to Angela:

I have come to give you consolation, which you have never tasted before; I will come with you, inside you, all the way to the Church of Saint Francis; no one else will notice. I want to speak with you continuously on this journey, and you will not be able to do anything but listen, because I have bound you to me, and I will not leave you until you come into the Church of Saint Francis for the second time; then I will withdraw this consolation, but I will never leave you, if you love me.

And He began saying:

My daughter, my sweet daughter, my delight. Love me, because you are loved very much by me - much more than you could love me.

And He kept saying:

My daughter and my sweet bride, I love you more that any woman in the valley of Spoleto. Now that I have settled and come to rest in you, just settle yourself in me and be at peace in me.


And then Angela began to have doubts about these words:

If you were truly Holy Spirit, you would not say such things to me - it’s not appropriate, for I am fragile and could become vain and boastful. 

And He responded:

Just consider whether you could become vain and boastful. as a result of all that I’ve said. Try to escape from my words, if you can. 

And Angela tried to become vain and boastful, in order to test whether He was the Holy Spirit, and whether what He said was true. She began to look at the vineyards around her in an effort to escape His words, but wherever she looked, He kept saying to her:

That is one of my creatures.

And she kept looking for the way out, but she could not find. And she felt an ineffable divine sweetness in the totality of his world. And she found no reason to resist.  

And she could not evaluate the intensity of the joy and sweetness from God that she was feeling, especially when he said:

I am the Holy Spirit, and I am entering inside you.

(selections from Angela of Foligno Memorial)